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Tuesday Plenary Speaker

Keith Jamison

Keith Jamison

Presentation Title: Development of a diagnostic technique to track magnetized projectiles in opaque media

Keith Jamison is a product of Kansas upbringing, perusing both undergraduate and graduate degrees at Kansas State University. He received his PhD in 1978 in the field of atomic physics of ion-atom collisions. 

Upon graduation, he began his professional career as an experimental physicist at Aberdeen Proving Ground at the U.S. Army Ballistic Research Laboratory. His early work focused on development of diagnostics for plasma armature railguns, firing his first railgun in August of 1980. His studies soon expanded to include a number of alternatives in electric energy launchers, pulsed power supplies and systems studies forecasting the utility of electric guns. 

In 1988 he joined SAIC and began a long tenure at Eglin AFB first working for the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization (SDIO) railgun program and later in conventional munitions for the Air Force. He was awarded the Peter Mark Medal for Outstanding contributions to electromagnetic launch technology in 1998. 

Today, he continues his work as an experimental physicist with SAIC at the Air Force Research Laboratory on Eglin AFB.